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Social Media Promo is a dynamic Apple Motion Template. It’s skillfully designed with creatively animated shape layers that elegantly burst into stylish looking social media logo reveals. This project contains 18 logo most popular social networks. Easy change template and fast rendering. Great as a social media promo or intro to your presentations, slideshows, commercials, promotions, events, askfm, facebook, flickr, google plus, instagram, linkedin, meetme, meetup, myspace, odnoklassniki, pinterest, snapchat, telegram, twitter, tumblr, vimeo, vkontakte, youtube, videos.


Social Media Promo is a modern and dynamic Apple Motion template that contains 1 logo, 1 social network account, 1 subtitle and 18 social media logo reveals. They’re really easy to edit and customize. A cool and unusual intro to your presentations, slideshows, new products, TV shows, documentaries, commercials, promotions, upcoming events, YouTube and Facebook videos. Easily impress your audience with these clean, fresh and creatively animated logo reveals.


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