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4k Fast typographic store promo


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This typography Apple Motion template is ideally suited for advertising of store online. Tell about the services or products, inform the client on novelties and discounts. Show video about your company in the blog or a web a site.


4k Fast typographic store promo is an rhythmic and dynamic template for Apple Motion. Energetically animated with creative text animations a. Featuring 1 logo placeholder, 5 editable text layers. Ideal as an intro or opener to your promos and Tv shows. Create an inspiring and captivating quick typography video, using this amazing Apple Motion template.


  • Apple Motion 5.2 and above
  • 4k UHD 3840×2160
  • Duration 13s
  • Change colors with just one click
  • 5 editable textholder
  • Fast change logo (only drag and drop)
  • Rig panel for easy setup project
  • Font used: Adobe Gothic STD
  • Music not include